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Golden Retrievers:

• None available at the moment




• None available at the moment



English Springer Spaniels:

•  1 black and white bitch, 1 black and white dog - ready 15th October 2019



Cocker Spaniels:

• 2 black bitches, 2 black dogs - ready 30th September 2019



Hungarian Vizslas:

• 2 bitches, 2 dogs - ready 16th September 2019



• 2 bitches, 1 dog - ready 18th September 2019

Puppies for Sale




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Adult dogs for sale


• 1 Liver and white dog - 1 year old - would suit a pet home


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Our sister website www.thedogexperts.co.uk is now up and running. To order our speciality working and hypoallergenic foods, delivered straight to your door please take a look.

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