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Over 40 years of experience

Chris has studied dog psychology and is experienced in training most breeds of dogs, encountering and solving most problem behaviours.

Chris regularly competes at elite levels in Kennel Club Licenced Field Trials and is consistently placed in the top awards. Chris also handles dogs in the shooting field, picking up, beating, and shooting over. Chris has been training dogs professionally for over 12 years, with excellent results.

Our consultant. Mike Shefford has 40 years of training gundogs and competing in Field Trials, as well as working his dogs in the shooting field.


We breed and train Spaniels and Retrievers for shooting and Field Trials. All our dogs are proven workers, and we aim for trainability and temperament.

We offer puppies, young dogs ready for training, part-trained, and fully trained gundogs for sale.

Housty Kennels

Gundog Training

Chris can tailor a training course to suit.

We offer:

  • Residential – Residential training is where your dog stays in our kennels for intensive training. This enables Chris to get stuck in and do the hard work! Especially helpful for people who have limited time, and difficult cases.
  • One to One – These lessons are based around showing the owner how to resolve problems, and by giving them the ‘tools’ to take away and practice at home. These lessons are helpful for owners who wish to be ‘hands on’ in their dogs training. We offer this service for both obedience and gundog training.

Our experienced team can train your gundog to your requirements. We have 20 acres of excellent training grounds that include a large rabbit pen, rushy fields, brambles, bracken, and moving water.

Chis with trophies

BEGINNER Gundog Training

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Recall
  • Retrieve
  • Walk to heel
  • Steady to dummy

Intermediate Gundog Training

  • Hunting under control
  • Steadiness to game in the rabbit pen
  • Handling onto a blind retrieve
  • Steady to shot
  • Water work

Advanced Gundog Training

  • Long distance handling
  • Takes dogs to the stage where they are ready for the shooting field
  • Multiple retrieves
  • Working with other dogs

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